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J. P. Chandrababu (1926–1974) - Tamil film comedian-actor, singer and dancer, whose chaplin-style on-screen movements and unique singing style, with some humorous yet philosophical Tamil lyrics and a bass voice, made him popular from the late 1940s to the early 1970s.
He was often likened to the styles of Jerry Lewis, the famous Hollywood comedian-actor. His slapstick style of comedy was then used by later generation actors like Prabhu Deva in Kaadhalan movie. Chandrababu's eloquence in Madras Bashai, a dialect unique to the lower socio-economic status, was incomparable for a long time until Kamal Haasan could do it, a couple of decades later. Many of Chandrababu’s songs have remained popular through the generations to this day - to the old and young alike.


Chandrababu’s family originally hailed from Tuticorin, India - from the Tamil Paravas community - however, he was born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where his father worked for a Tamil daily published there, during the British colonial days.
Chandrababu made his way to Chennai (Madras) in India, and eventually came into the Tamil film world, which gave him a chance to unleash his many talents.
Chandrababu occupied the second tier of popular Tamil film comedians, after N.S. Krishnan but before Nagesh. In a world used to sycophancy (for most of the time it was that), there was one man who cut it out completely, Chandrababu. Even M.G.R., who was more than Anne to lesser mortals, who was Vathiyaar, Thalaivar, even Puratchi Nadigar (revolutionary actor), was only ‘Mr. M.G.R’ to Chandrababu. He saw nothing revolutionary in MGR’s acting, not even one revolution. One must say that this sort of spunk, along with Chandrababu’s habit of calling a spade a spade and an ass an ass, earned him a lot of enemies. The tragedy was that Chandrababu who knew a spade for a spade did not know the enemy for the enemy. It was this naiveté that finally sealed his fate. Though multi-talented and successful in his career, he could not emulate the same level of success in his personal life - he became addicted to alcohol after a failed marriage and died in 1974, at the relatively young age of 48 - still making a mark in the world of Tamil arts.
All of us know 'Sabash Meena' is one of the best comedy movies and Chandra babu acted with Nadigar thilagam and Chandra babu acted in dual roles.
When the producer first narrated this story to NT, he asked NT's opnion on who will be suitable for that important character. NT told "Chandra babu will be most suitable ". At the time Chandrababu is also in peak. He is known for his frankness. He never praised anybody and he just call anybody as Mr. so and so (even MGR). The producer went to chandra babu and narrated the story. After that Chandra babu asked "who is the hero?" The producer replied "Sivaji ganesan". Chandra babu replied "Oh! Ganesan. He is good actor. How much you give me for this movie?" The producer asked "How much you expect?" Chadrababu asked "How much offered to sivaji?" Producer mentioned " Oru Ladcham" (One Lakh). Then chandrababu said "Ok. then Give me one rupee more. Oru ladsham oru rupaa"(One Lakh and One Rupee). The producer stunned. He went to sivaji and told everything. Sivaji said "Avan kekkuratha koduthudunga ..Intha character-kku avan thaan oththu varuvaan. Avanukku nalla scope irukku ithula..avana potta thaan nalla varum" (Give the payment what he asked, he is the only person aptly suitable for this character role, he has a very good scope in this movie, making him act for that role will make the movie a good one). Finally the producer agreed.
Chandra babu did try to produce a movie named 'Maadi Veettu ezhai' with MGR as hero. Chandrababu had to loose all his properties on this because MGR didn't cooperate with him and finally bankrupt. Finally the movie also dropped. Later sivaji acted in a movie with same title, but has nothing to do with chandrababu's movie except the title.
Chandra babu also embarked as a director for the movie 'Thattungal Thirakkappadum,' which was highly acclaimed for its cinematography. Chandra babu, well-known for his wits, in this movie, acted as a physically challenged person who can't speak. For the same reason, as critiques say, the film became a bomber in the box-office. The film's first half is still praised for its quality and difference, thanks to Mr. Babu as a director, but the second-half is criticized as soaked into the hoods of a regular tragedy Tamil movie. That was, allegedly, Chandra Babu's last directing venture.
The Sivaji-Prabhu Charities Trust, with the Department of Posts, has brought out a special postal cover commemorating Chandrababu's long and successful career. The cover was released by T. Panneerselvam, Postmaster-General, Chennai City Region. It depicts stills from Chandrababu's films Sabash Meena - a 1958 classic he starred in along with Sivaji - Kadavulai Kanden and Sahodari, and his pictures with M.G.R. and M.R. Radha. The function was attended by many noteworthy personalities from the film industry, actor Prabhu, producer Ramkumar (sons of Sivaji Ganesan), music director M.S. Viswanathan, AVM Saravanan and KRG, president, SIFCC. Clips from Chandrababu's movies were also screened at the function.

Popular songs

The following are some of Chandrababu's songs that have remained popular to this day :

Konjam Thallikanum - Kadavulai Kandein :Download
Puthiyulla Manidharellam - Annai (1962)
Kavalai Illadha Manidhan - Kavalai Illadha Manidhan:Download
Kunguma Poove Konjum Puraave - (with Jamuna Rani) Maragadham (1959) :Download
Pirakkum Podhum Azhukindran - Kavalai Illadha Manithan (1960) :Download
Porandhalum Aambalaiya Porakka Koodadhu -(with LR Eswari) Policekaran Magal (1962)
Naan Oru Muttalunga - Sahothari (1959)
Eppo Vachikkalam - Pandhapasam
Rock Rock Rock - Padhi Bhakti (with Tiruchi Loganathan)
Thangadhamma Thangadhu - Senthamarai :Download
Bambara Kannale - Manamagan Thevai :Download
Nee Adinal -(with Jikki) Pandithevan (1959)
Kanmani Pappa - Thattungal Thirakkappadum
Sirippu Varudhu Sirippu Varudhu - Aandanvan Kattalai (1964) :Download
Ayyo Machan Mannaru - Sri Valli
Ondra Kannu Doriya - Valiba Virundhu (with Jamuna Rani)
Thadukkadhe Ennai Thadukkadhe - (with Jamuna Rani) Nadodi Mannan (1958) :Download
Jigu Jigu Jigu - (with Jikki) Kathavarayan (1958):Download
Unakkaga Ellam Unakkaga - Puthayal (1957) :Download
Pudichalum Pudhicha Puliyankomba Pudicha - Nimirnthu Nil
Kalyanam Kalyanam.. - Penn (1954):Download
Gova Mambazhame Malgova Mambazhame - Maman Magal:Download
Ennai theriyalayaa - Yaarukku Sondham
Paraanda Mannar Ellam - Kulebaghavali :Download
Jolly Life Jolly Life - Kalyanam Panniyum Brahmachari (playback for Sivaji)
Un Thirumugathey Oru Mugama (Mahadevi)
Kadhal Enbathu Edhu Varai - Paatha Kaanikkai
Thandana Paatu Paadanum
Solluratha Solliputaen
Aalu Ganam Aanaal
Aan Ondru Paada - Kumara Raja (1961):Download
Aathukku Paalam Avasiyam - Patthini Deivam (1957):Download
Hello My Dear Rani:Download
Intha Thinnai Paechu - Padhi
Moodinalum Thirandhalum - Kumara Raja (1961) :Download
Onnume Puriyalae - Kumara Raja (1961) :Download
Thaniya Thavikkira Vayasu
Thanthaane Than Thaane :Download
Thillaana Paatu Paadi
Yeh Vilayaadu Raaja Vilayaadu
Paper Paper Ayya - Samaya Sanjeevi (1957)
Ennaipaartha Kannu - Kumara Raja (1961)
Engalathu Boomi - Neethi (1972)
Ungalkaigal uyarattum:Download

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